Boston Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations

Boston Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations

Back for more baseball theme wedding invitations! Caitlin found an invitation I had previously created for Tara and Mike’s baseball theme wedding and wanted to customize the same type of invitation for her wedding. Caitlin and her finance (now husband) Keith are die-hard Boston Red Sox fans and were looking to incorporate as much of the teams’ look and feel into their wedding decor.

Boston Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations


I used the same style enclosure and paper as the last baseball invitation – a red petal fold enclosure and circle cut white cardstock, however the design had been completely updated and revised for Caitlin and Keith. I used a font resembling the Red Sox team font paired with an airy sans-serif font and a brush script and applied more of a vintage design to the cards. Even the baseball seams down the side had a gradient effect applied, giving them a worn look.


Boston Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations


The RSVP card is shaped like home plate, with a perforated edge to detach and mail the postcard back.


Boston Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations


The invitation itself is held together with a brad at the top so you can page through the different cards.


Boston Vintage Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations

Being a big baseball fan myself, I love creating these theme invitations and I had a great time working with Caitlin on all of the corresponding materials for the wedding to match. Don’t forget to follow BB10 Creative on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to see all the latest and greatest work!

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Creative Wedding Invitations – Beach Theme Invitations Part Two

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

Back to the beach! After their destination wedding in Sarasota, FL, Josh and Jayme needed another set of invitations for their wedding reception back in their hometown of Duluth.

We decided to keep the keep the theme the same and use a photo from the wedding on the invitation. I have to toot my own horn on this one because I actually shot their wedding! Not something I normally do, but it was definitely a fun experience.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

This invitation was a little more simplistic – it was one single card printed on an off-white linen cardstock and adhered to a cranberry colored gatefold enclosure. Because we had twine and a little beachgrass paper leftover from the wedding invitation, I sealed the gatefold by wrapping it in twine and sealing the ends with a starfish design over the beachgrass paper.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

The RSVP postcard fit nicely inside the enclosure and we mailed the invitation in a silver metallic envelope.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

And just because I took the photos, I have to share my favorite one from the wedding – seriously how cute are they?

Beach/Marina Wedding

Creative Wedding Invitations – Peacock Feather Theme Wedding Invitations

Peacock Theme Wedding Invitations

Brittany and Jonathon came to BB10 Creative looking for creative invitations that would integrate their peacock/peacock feather theme of their wedding. They were using a rich violet color as their main wedding color paired with a darker teal accent.

The resulting design is stunning and extremely elegant. We used a very ornate and detailed peacock feather illustration with a gradient purple-to-teal color scheme. Although the feather is the main feature of the invitation, we also used a very subtle and elegant gray pattern in the background, adding to the formal feel of the invite.

Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations


Peacock Feather Theme Wedding Invitations

I paired a sans-serif typeface with a beautiful calligraphic script that matched the swirls and details of the peacock feather design. The invitation cards feature the same peacock feather design cascading over the tops, creating one solid design when the cards sit together in the enclosure pocket.

The invitation was housed in a violet metallic vertical pocket enclosure and was sealed with a semi-transparent teal satin ribbon & monogram seal featuring the couples’ initials and the subtle background design. The invitation was mailed in a dark onyx metallic mailing envelope.

Peacock Theme Wedding Invitations


Peacock Feather Wedding Invitations


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Creative Wedding Invitations – Tropical Theme Reception Invitations

Tropical Theme Wedding Invitations

Ann and Jason were already married in a small ceremony in Mexico and came to BB10 Creative looking for some fun and unique invitations for the wedding reception they were having for family and friends back home. They wanted fun, modern and simple invitations that reflected their ceremony in Mexico and used the colors of brown and silver with tropical green accents.

Tropical Wedding Inviations

The final design was a really fun and unique idea – I used a sheet of corrugated cardstock for the base of the invitation and adhered a long trifold card to the front. The folded card housed the RSVP postcard and was tied together with raffia – a great material to use when you have a tropical theme in mind!

Tropical Theme Wedding Invitations

Tropical Wedding Invitations

I used a simple palm tree design for the front, paired with a somewhat whimsical/tropical script font. As you unfold the top of the invitation, the date of the event is revealed in a very modern sans-serif font, with some subtle palm trees in the background. As you continue to unfold the bottom flap, the full invitation is revealed. On the inside, I used a combination of a display font, sans-serif and script for a really unique look. I also separated the invitation sections with fun little tropical icons and framed the invitation with a brown lattice design. The RSVP postcard mimics in the invitation design with the lattice pattern and palm trees.

Tropical Wedding Invitations

Tropical Theme Wedding Invitations

The invitation was mailed in a metallic brown envelope and came with a customized return address label on the back. This invitation is another fun example of how you can create something really unique and outside the “standard” cards in an envelope type of invite.

More fun invitations to come!

Beach Theme Destination Wedding Invitations – Part One

Cranberry Beach Themed Wedding Invitation

Josh and Jayme came to BB10 Creative for invitations for their destination wedding in Sarasota, Florida. They were going to be married at a small park and have the reception at a nearby marina, so they were looking for something with a beach/marina theme, and using the colors of cranberry red, ivory and silver.

Although the final design for this invitation turned out to be fairly simple, the different layers of textured paper along with the starfish charm really help this invitation to stand out. I used a cranberry cardstock for the backing, then a layer of beachgrass paper, then a layer of silver metallic paper, followed by the invitation card itself, printed on a natural white textured cardstock.

Cranberry Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

The starfish charm is tied onto a piece of twine and was adhered between the different layers of cardstock. We included a small RSVP postcard and mailed the invitation in a silver metallic envelope.

Beachgrass Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

The silver starfish charm was such a hit on the invitations that all of the women invited to the ceremony ended up putting them on silver chains to use as a necklace to surprise the bride!

A second blog post for this wedding is coming soon – as there was a second invitation sent for the wedding reception back in the couples’ hometown of Duluth, MN.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

Beach Theme Destination Wedding Invitation

Silver and Lavender Floral Wedding Invitations

Silver and Lavendar Floral Wedding Invitations

Yikes, I’m very, very far behind on blogging! There’s been a lot of new work I haven’t posted yet so watch for more new posts soon! I’m also right in the middle of updating the brand and the website, so there is lots of fun new stuff coming.

For now let’s get started by talking about these beautiful lavender and silver wedding invitations! Jessi came to BB10 Creative looking for invitations to fit with her “romantic pearl” wedding theme. She wanted a more traditional invitation and was looking to incorporate either a lace or floral pattern and used silver and a lighter purple/lavender color.

Silver Floral Wedding Invitations

SIlver and Lavendar Floral Wedding Invitations

Silver and Lavendar Pochette Wedding Invitations

The final result was this lovely invitation that uses a very ornate floral/lace pattern with pearl graphic accents. The pattern was printed in silver and we used pops of purple to highlight Jessi and Joshua’s names along with the titles for each of the enclosure cards. I used a gothic style serif font paired with an ornate engraved style script to emphasize the formal look of the invitation. Each enclosure card title is book-ended with more pearls and underlined with a decorative horizontal rule.

Lavendar Floral Wedding Invitations

Silver and Lavendar Wedding Invites

The invitation is house in a silver metallic pochette enclosure and when the two triangular flaps are closed, the “A” monogram at the top of the invitation stands out. The  enclosure is held closed with a translucent belly band highlighting the wedding date over the subtle floral pattern. The invitation was mailed in a matching metallic purple envelope. Metallic papers really add sparkle and shine to your invitations and they definitely stand out in the mail!

Creative Birthday Invitations – Pittsburgh Theme 40th

Pittsburgh Theme Birthday Invitation

Although this isn’t a wedding invitation, it such a fun invitation I wanted to post it. Molly contacted BB10 Creative looking for some fun invitations for her sister’s 40th birthday party. She and her sister were raised in Pittsburgh but currently reside in Wisconsin and she was looking to incorporate a Pittsburgh theme in the invitations.

Having recently finished a set of Pittsburgh theme wedding invitations, I still had the city research fresh in my mind. I immediately knew I wanted to use gold and black color scheme since those colors are very representative of Pittsburgh and it’s 3 sports teams. The resulting invitation was a simple folded card using a bright gold cardstock and was mailed in a dark black metallic envelope.

I used the number 40 in a circle shaped sticker and included the phrase “Old Enough to Know Better, But Young Enough to Do It Anyway.” Cute but not too cheesy, right?

Pittsburgh Birthday Invitation

Pittsburgh Theme Birthday

Inside, I printed the invitation on white linen cardstock and adhered it to the yellow cardstock. The design features a solid, multi-colored skyline of Pittsburgh, complete with bridges, and a fun retro type treatment for the text. The birthday girl’s name is highlighted in a yellow banner. Overall these turned out really well and were a great introduction to what I can only imagine was a really fun 40th birthday party!

Just a reminder that BB10 Creative can accommodate all types of invitations and announcements, not just weddings! More to come soon!


Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Modern Monogram Style Invitations

Gray and Yellow Modern Wedding Invitations

Modern Monogram Wedding Invitations

Back in January of this year, I received an email from a former client who was in charge of planning her sister’s wedding and was looking for some creative invitations on a budget. I was very flattered that she returned to BB10 Creative for invitations!

Leah, the bride, was looking for invitations to incorporate her wedding colors of yellow and gray, with accents of horizon blue. She wanted something simple, fun and traditional and was leaning toward the idea of using a monogram design.

Gray and Yellow Modern Wedding Invitations

The final design chosen was a very simple design, using a the monogram L&S with a bold yellow stripe down the left side of the invitation. I used a modern sans-serif font with an art deco feel for the main text, and paired it with a modern script to highlight the couples names. On the accompanying cards, I added large but thin words down the side of the yellow stripe to indicate which card was which. The invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock and was mailed in a bright yellow matching envelope.

Modern Gray and Yellow Monogram Wedding Invitations

In order to help keep the invitations within her budget, we decided to forgo an enclosure booklet or pocket that you would normally see on a BB10 Invitation. Instead we used a single sheet of charcoal gray cardstock and adhered the invitation card to the front, also concealing the horizon blue ribbon behind it. Then on the other side of the gray cardstock, we placed the remaining 3 invitation cards – directions, reception and an RSVP postcard – and secured them by tying a knot with the blue ribbon.

Modern Monogram Wedding Invitations


This was a unique way to keep the invitation together without the use of an enclosure and allows for an overall cleaner presentation versus placing 4 individual cards into an envelope. One of my favorite things about this job is coming up with unique ways to create wedding invitations that not only reflect the personality and tone of my clients’ wedding day but also to help them stay under budget! I’m always happy to see how I can create something amazing for brides on a budget – contact BB10 Creative today!

Thanks for reading and as always, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to see all the latest work!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Elegant Eggplant Invitations

Eggplant Colored Wedding Invitations

Catching up on some old blog posts here! Last fall, Marc and Andrea came to BB10 Creative looking for some simple yet elegant invitations for their October wedding. They didn’t have anything too specific in mind other than wanting to incorporate their wedding colors of eggplant and light yellow, and to keep the design a mix of traditional and modern.

For Marc and Andrea’s invitations, we ended up using an elegant scroll design in eggplant and yellow and housed the invitation cards in a pretty metallic eggplant horizontal pocket enclosure. I will fully admit the eggplant enclosures do not photograph very well, but I can assure you that they really are beautiful in person! The invitation uses a semi-formal sans serif font paired with a retro script to highlight the couples’ names. The scroll design cascades down over the enclosure cards in the pocket, and the invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock. The invitation was mailed in a matching eggplant color envelope.

More posts to come soon from all the invitations completed in 2013, including some unique beach theme invitations, and even a fun 40th birthday party invitation!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest info!

Creative Eggplant Color Wedding Invitations

Eggplant and Yellow Wedding Invitations

eggplant and yellow wedding invites

Gray and Orange California Pine Wedding Invitations – Creative Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Gray and Orange wedding invitations, fall theme

Joanna and Andy came to BB10 Creative looking for invitations for their September wedding in California. They had already created and sent a Save the Date card on their own, which displayed a picture of pine trees at sunset. They knew that their color scheme was going to be gray with hints of orange. I have to admit, I absolutely love using gray in designs, especially paired with yellow and orange. It’s always nice to select a neutral in your color scheme because they play so nicely with other colors that need to pop.

california mountains pine tree wedding invitation

california pine gray and orange wedding invitation

Initially I went in a few different directions on this design for Joanna and Andy. I created a few designs that would coordinate with the save the date, a few that had a vineyard theme since the wedding was going to be held at a vineyard, and even a few with a poppy theme, as that was the wedding flower. In the end they decided on a design that coordinated with their save the date, selecting a design of pine trees and hills at sunset. We actually chose a fixed width sans-serif font paired with a classic serif. The pine tree design cascades over the cards in the pocket in the back and orange is subtly used for accent text.

gray and orange wedding invitations, fall theme

gray and orange fall theme wedding invitations

They really wanted a simple invitation, so we decided on using a newer type of enclosure, a panel pocket. Panel pockets consist of one solid piece of cardstock with room for the invitation card on one side, and a panel on the back side. This worked perfectly for Joanna and Andy’s invites, as it came in a nice slate gray color in a matte finish. Matte finish enclosures are perfect when you are looking to incorporate more natural textures or designs. The invitation was sent in a matching gray matte envelope with a custom return address sticker on the back.

california pine gray and orange wedding invitation

Coming up next we have another eggplant wedding invitation design to feature from 2012, and then we move on to the new designs coming up for 2013! So far we have a peacock theme, baseball theme, two tropical themes and another simple and lovely gray and yellow invitation.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest BB10 Creative news, to find helpful invitation tips and connect with some of our preferred vendors! Our new Pinterest board is also seeing a lot of repinning action – share your ideas there too!

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