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Creative Birthday Invitations – Pittsburgh Theme 40th

Pittsburgh Theme Birthday Invitation

Although this isn’t a wedding invitation, it such a fun invitation I wanted to post it. Molly contacted BB10 Creative looking for some fun invitations for her sister’s 40th birthday party. She and her sister were raised in Pittsburgh but currently reside in Wisconsin and she was looking to incorporate a Pittsburgh theme in the invitations.

Having recently finished a set of Pittsburgh theme wedding invitations, I still had the city research fresh in my mind. I immediately knew I wanted to use gold and black color scheme since those colors are very representative of Pittsburgh and it’s 3 sports teams. The resulting invitation was a simple folded card using a bright gold cardstock and was mailed in a dark black metallic envelope.

I used the number 40 in a circle shaped sticker and included the phrase “Old Enough to Know Better, But Young Enough to Do It Anyway.” Cute but not too cheesy, right?

Pittsburgh Birthday Invitation

Pittsburgh Theme Birthday

Inside, I printed the invitation on white linen cardstock and adhered it to the yellow cardstock. The design features a solid, multi-colored skyline of Pittsburgh, complete with bridges, and a fun retro type treatment for the text. The birthday girl’s name is highlighted in a yellow banner. Overall these turned out really well and were a great introduction to what I can only imagine was a really fun 40th birthday party!

Just a reminder that BB10 Creative can accommodate all types of invitations and announcements, not just weddings! More to come soon!


Creative T-Shirt Design: A Winning Design

Creative Soccer T-Shirt Design

Not sure what is getting into me this week,  but I’m on a blog posting roll!

This isn’t a wedding invitation related post, but I wanted to share a fun little post with a t-shirt design I recently did for a friend of mine who coordinates a soccer league in the area.

Every year, the adults who help coordinate the league for their children have an “Adult Fun Night” where they can run around and play soccer, socialize, and in general, have a rockin good time. This year’s theme for the night was “Welcome to the MKSC Zoo.”  Really, the only direction I had for design was that it had to be related to soccer and somehow to a zoo.

creative tshirt design

After weeding out a few options, my clients picked the resulting design – a bold design that highlights the year using fun animal print and a soccer ball as the “0” of 2011. The design turned out really well on a black and gray tie dye t-shirt. Every year all of the clubs that participate have a contest for best shirt design and I’m happy to say that we walked away with first place!

Don’t forget that at BB10 Creative, we are much more than just creative wedding invitation designers. We can cater to all of your graphic design needs! More to come this week so stay tuned!

Custom Birthday Party Invitations: Kick up Your Heels at 90 Years Old!

90th Birthday Party Invitation

As I’ve mentioned before, from time to time we stray from our regular business of wedding invitations and stationery and take on other fun graphic design jobs like custom birthday party invitations, shower invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, etc.

Recently I was asked to create a fun and unique invitation for a 90th birthday party. 90 years is definitely something to be celebrated! And this special lady is doing it in style with a big party that includes a polka band. I hope if I make it to 90, I can also send out 100 invitations to my closest friends for a big dance party!

Since the party is in January, we decided on a “winter” color scheme of silver and teal. I incorporated the colors using a silver metallic sheet as an enclosure and teal ink for the designs that complimented the teal envelope.

One request from the client was to use a cute picture of her grandma “kicking up her heels.”  And thus the theme of the invitation was born! I created a gate fold invitation and used a silhouette of grandma for the outside, on a sticker that holds the two flaps (gates) together. Once opened, the picture is revealed with a fun art deco type of invitation design. Overall it is a cute and fun invitation design for a very fun 90 year old.

Custom Birthday Party Invitation

90th Birthday Party Invitation

Creative Birthday Party Invitation

Check back soon for holiday card designs as well as save the dates coming up for some 2011 weddings!

Logo Design

Optic Light Photography
I’m taking a quick break from wedding invitation blogs to reveal the new logo design I created for Optic Light Photography, a company that does wedding and engagement shoots, as well as family photography. Check it out!

If you know anyone looking for a graphic designer for their business needs, direct them to BB10 Creative.  From small items like business card designs to large items like tradeshow booths, BB10 Creative graphic design services can handle it all!

Invitations fit for a king…or a princess

Unique Wedding Shower Invitation

As promised, more work has been posted! This time, we present a creative wedding shower invitation.

Stefanie came to BB10 Creative looking for something unique for her sister’s wedding shower, yet had a very specific theme in mind. Rather than do a flat card with a cool design, I decided to print a fun background pattern and princess silhouette on a clean white piece of linen cardstock, then use a dark magenta translucent sheet for the actual invitation text and wrapped it around the card. Not only did it add 3D effect to the invitations, it was also a fun way to incorporate more color into the design. We decided on a light silver envelope to complete the packaging. Overall, the design is very simple, yet chic, and definitely fits the bill for a royal shower!

First Communion

It’s not only wedding season, it’s also that time of year when grade school children take the Sacrament of First Communion. It is a significant event in the church, as well as for the children.

In light of this significant event, the Mauhar family came to BB10 Creative looking for some unique invitations for their daughter’s first communion. The resulting invitations are simple, yet elegant. We used a yellow vertical pocket enclosure to house the invitation and RSVP card, both printed on a clean white linen cardstock. The external envelope used is a pale pink metallic, highlighting some of the pink used in the design. Overall, the design is meant to highlight the importance of this religious event while still appealing to the style of a second grade girl. Congratulations to Autumn!

Don’t forget BB10 creative handles invitations for all types of social events. Check back for more work coming soon!

We’re more than just invitations!

Greetings readers!

Just a quick reminder that although the majority of our work focuses on wedding invitations and stationary, we can also create other types of custom stationary, including announcements, party invitations and even custom designed Christmas cards!

custom christmas card

Check out this recent design for a unique Christmas card. The vintage snowman with a 3D rafia scarf is sure to stand out among the hundreds of sets of store-bought boxed designs.

If you’d like to thank your business clients for a great year, or just want to wish your friends and family “Merry Christmas” in a unique way, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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