Verve paint chip art samples

Although this is a non-wedding invitation related post, I wanted to share a fun resource with my readers because it just may come in handy for your wedding!

I just recently did some updates in my basement and was looking for some fun art to hang on the walls. Luckily, I have really talented and creative friends to turn to for some unique pieces. I just received my custom fine art prints from Verve! this weekend and wanted to share!

Verve! is a color consultation agency run by my super talented friend Jessie. Color consultation can run the gamut from selecting art pieces for your home, to helping plan interior design spaces and even to (you guessed it) wedding color coordination! Many of my clients base their wedding themes and plans around the colors of their wedding, and Verve! can lend a helping hand in the process to make your day really special. Jessie has a great eye not only for color but for design as well.

Which leads me to the fun pieces below. One of Verve’s side projects are these really awesome fine art pieces that are hand drawn by Jessie. After I had given my basement a facelift, Jessie came over and utilized the colors in the room to coordinate these custom pieces for me. She creates the names and artwork for each and prints them on big paint chips to coordinate with your room!

verve paint chip art pieces

verve paint chip art pieces

verve paint chip art pieces


I love these pieces in my new room – not only are they coordinated and fun but they also add vintage flair. I’ll be back soon with more wedding invitation postings but be sure to check out Verve! for all your color coordination needs!