Creative Soccer T-Shirt Design

Not sure what is getting into me this week,  but I’m on a blog posting roll!

This isn’t a wedding invitation related post, but I wanted to share a fun little post with a t-shirt design I recently did for a friend of mine who coordinates a soccer league in the area.

Every year, the adults who help coordinate the league for their children have an “Adult Fun Night” where they can run around and play soccer, socialize, and in general, have a rockin good time. This year’s theme for the night was “Welcome to the MKSC Zoo.”  Really, the only direction I had for design was that it had to be related to soccer and somehow to a zoo.

creative tshirt design

After weeding out a few options, my clients picked the resulting design – a bold design that highlights the year using fun animal print and a soccer ball as the “0” of 2011. The design turned out really well on a black and gray tie dye t-shirt. Every year all of the clubs that participate have a contest for best shirt design and I’m happy to say that we walked away with first place!

Don’t forget that at BB10 Creative, we are much more than just creative wedding invitation designers. We can cater to all of your graphic design needs! More to come this week so stay tuned!