90th Birthday Party Invitation

As I’ve mentioned before, from time to time we stray from our regular business of wedding invitations and stationery and take on other fun graphic design jobs like custom birthday party invitations, shower invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, etc.

Recently I was asked to create a fun and unique invitation for a 90th birthday party. 90 years is definitely something to be celebrated! And this special lady is doing it in style with a big party that includes a polka band. I hope if I make it to 90, I can also send out 100 invitations to my closest friends for a big dance party!

Since the party is in January, we decided on a “winter” color scheme of silver and teal. I incorporated the colors using a silver metallic sheet as an enclosure and teal ink for the designs that complimented the teal envelope.

One request from the client was to use a cute picture of her grandma “kicking up her heels.”  And thus the theme of the invitation was born! I created a gate fold invitation and used a silhouette of grandma for the outside, on a sticker that holds the two flaps (gates) together. Once opened, the picture is revealed with a fun art deco type of invitation design. Overall it is a cute and fun invitation design for a very fun 90 year old.

Custom Birthday Party Invitation

90th Birthday Party Invitation

Creative Birthday Party Invitation

Check back soon for holiday card designs as well as save the dates coming up for some 2011 weddings!