Hello readers!

First off, I’d like to apologize if you have tried to visit the blog recently and noticed the big scary malware warning. If you clicked through, don’t worry, nothing has happened to your computer, there was just some spam code that got installed in the blog. It’s really frustrating, spammers stink!

Anyway, on to happier topics!

Before posting the next six blogs about all the wedding invitations that are coming out, I decided to give a quick overview of some of my extremely talented and hardworking friends and associates. You may have noticed some of the links in my blog roll, or on the Links page of the BB10 site.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should, because most of them are relevant to the age group/interests of my clientele.

First off, if you are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend former BB10 associate, Lisa Mathewson. Lisa has developed her own photography business, shooting babies, children, families, graduation portraits and now even weddings. Her pictures are stunning and she has a very unique style. She has really reasonable rates and best of all, she’s a really great person to work with! Check out her website at www.lisamathewson.com for samples, rates and more information.

Next, if you are looking for a unique gift for a child or have a friend who is expecting and want to give something personal, look no further than the talents of BB10 associate, Becky. In her own blog, Once Upon a Canvas, Becky describes the stories behind her very unique and creative children’s paintings. Need a painting to fit in a baseball theme children’s room? Done. Know a toddler that loves dump trucks? Can do! Contact Becky for information and rates on custom paintings.

Now that you are married or about to be married, you just might be in the market for a home. Luckily, I have talented friends to help you there too! Working with the right realtor is really important in buying your first home. You want someone who understands your needs and who will do what it takes to get the home you love! Click here to contact my good friend Susan Halverson, a licensed realtor through Shorewest. Not only is she extremely qualified and knowledgeable, you’ll probably never have more fun looking for houses! (which is probably why she recently was awarded a 5 star rating for “Best in Client Satisfaction” in Milwaukee Magazine)

Once you get that great home, or if you are settling in apartment life together, you’re stuck with the challenge of making two peoples’ taste fit into one space. To get some guidance on color consultation and space planning, look no further than Verve! color. design. life. Verve! is run by my talented friend Jessie (who is also a BB10 invitation client! yay!) who not only has a passion for art, but a degree in architecture. You can follow the Verve! blog here for ideas and examples of room makeovers already completed, or to get in touch with her for your own project help!

And just for fun, if you are in the market for cool, vintage tee shirts, you should check out TeeCycle. Run by my friend Tim, TeeCycle charges dirt cheap prices for cool used shirts and donates a dollar of every sale to the River Restoration fund in Milwaukee. If you live in Milwaukee and you haven’t heard of TeeCycle Tim yet…well I’m not sure where you’ve been! Last year Tim won the Pepsi challenge for unique business ideas that benefit the community. It’s a great cause and you can get some cool threads. Check em’ out!

Check back soon for the first of the six fall wedding blogs!