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Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: Spring Wedding

navy blue and green wedding invitations

Our second wedding of the year is coming up fast in May. I recently sent out these gorgeous navy blue and green square wedding invitations for my clients Carolyn and Brandon. This happy couple came to BB10 Creative for their wedding invitations looking for something simple and elegant.

The only requirements they had were to make use of the wedding colors of navy blue, leaf green and white, and that Brandon had a strong preference for the square pocket enclosures. The resulting design incorporates just that. It is simple yet extremely elegant and exudes the feeling of spring. The light leaf green contrasted with the navy in the elegant floral design really stands out on the bright white linen cardstock.

navy blue wedding invitations

navy blue and green wedding invitations

spring wedding invitations

spring wedding invitations

Carolyn and Brandon chose to pair the enclosure with a matching navy envelope, so to help dress up the envelope a bit, I used a floral swirl from the design on the mailing labels on the front of the envelope, then used a bright white circle sticker on the back for the return address. Even when you utilize a darker envelope for a wedding invitation, you can still dress it up and make it look really elegant.

If you are interested in these or any type of our custom, creative wedding invitations, contact us today!

Creative T-Shirt Design: A Winning Design

Creative Soccer T-Shirt Design

Not sure what is getting into me this week,  but I’m on a blog posting roll!

This isn’t a wedding invitation related post, but I wanted to share a fun little post with a t-shirt design I recently did for a friend of mine who coordinates a soccer league in the area.

Every year, the adults who help coordinate the league for their children have an “Adult Fun Night” where they can run around and play soccer, socialize, and in general, have a rockin good time. This year’s theme for the night was “Welcome to the MKSC Zoo.”  Really, the only direction I had for design was that it had to be related to soccer and somehow to a zoo.

creative tshirt design

After weeding out a few options, my clients picked the resulting design – a bold design that highlights the year using fun animal print and a soccer ball as the “0” of 2011. The design turned out really well on a black and gray tie dye t-shirt. Every year all of the clubs that participate have a contest for best shirt design and I’m happy to say that we walked away with first place!

Don’t forget that at BB10 Creative, we are much more than just creative wedding invitation designers. We can cater to all of your graphic design needs! More to come this week so stay tuned!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: Lights, Camera, Action!

Movie ticket wedding invitations

This past weekend I had the honor of not only attending but also standing up in the wedding of a friend who I have known for almost 16 years now. Cate and I met each other freshman year of high school and have been very close ever since. Last weekend she married the man of her dreams, who I have also come to love just as dearly as I love Cate. Chad is great person and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!

In an earlier post, I wrote about the fun  movie ticket theme wedding invitations that I created for the happy couple’s wedding. I’ve had a  few inquires about movie ticket wedding invitations since that time, so I thought I’d share a few other highlights from the evening from those of you who may be planning a wedding with a similar theme!

movie theme wedding

Table numbers were replaced with movie and tv show posters in fun little clapboard stands.

movie themed wedding

Chad had a few old projectors used as props to decorate the hall. If you look closely in the photo, you can also see the movie reel confetti subtly used as decoration against the satin blue table runners.

movie theme wedding

Another shot of the movie theme invitations.

movie theme wedding

Yes, this is the wedding cake, topped with zombies. You have to have a little fun with decorations, right?

Special thanks to Lisa Mathewson Photography for letting me use some of her amazing photography in my post today! If you are looking for a wedding photographer, she is highly highly recommended!! Below is one of my favorite shots of the happy couple. The rest can be seen on LMP’s blog here. Congrats you two!

creative wedding invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations – Classic Save the Date

Save the Date postcard

Today’s post reveals another save the date design for my clients Erin and Andy. This cute couple is getting married in October and are getting ready to send these classic save the dates out to their guests.

When Erin initially came to BB10 Creative for her invitations, she revealed in our consultation that she loves Edwardian style designs – elegant, lacy and formal. Their main wedding color is a deep eggplant and they wanted to use this great image from their photographer on the design.

The resulting design is a simple save the date card using a damask design element from the invitations, printed on a glossy cardstock and highlighting the wedding date. We paired the postcard with a deep metallic eggplant envelope.

classic save the date postcard

damask save the date

damask save the date postcard

The invitation for Erin and Andy’s wedding won’t be going out until later this summer but I’ll definitely have the final design featured here on the blog as well as on BB10 Creative.  Stay tuned for designs from our next wedding coming up in May!

Creative Wedding Invitations – Enclosure Styles

As you may have noticed in our wedding invitation work, the bulk of our clients choose to use enclosures for their wedding invitations, rather than use single or loose cards in an envelope. This trend in wedding invitations is very popular, and in my option, very practical because it not only helps to keep your invitation information together in a nice package for your guests, it also creates a very nice and unique presentation for the invitation.

As a result of this, I thought it may be helpful to make a quick run down of the enclosure styles available through BB10 Creative. We do not manufacture our paper supplies, but we purchase them through other vendors and provide them at-cost to you. There is no mark up on our material cost. Enclosures are available in a wide variety of colors, but if we are unable to find one to match your particular wedding color, there are other options available for invitation designs that still create a great presentation and keep your information in a nice format for your guests. Contact us for more information or with any questions about our invitation styles.

Wedding Invitation Enclosure Vertical Pocket Enclosure

This 5×7 size of enclosure is very popular, and includes a pocket to house direction, accommodation and rsvp cards. They can be sealed with a ribbon or paper sash, or with a decorative sticker.

Creative Wedding Invitation Enclosure Horizontal Pocket Enclosure

Similar to the vertical style, this is also a 5×7 size enclsoure and includes a pocket to house direction, accommodation and rsvp cards. They can be sealed with a ribbon or paper sash, or with a decorative sticker.

Creative wedding invitation enclosure Pochette Enclosure

The pochette enclosure is very versatile. It is also a 5×7 size, and has four pointed flaps that can close around your invitation cards and can be sealed with a decorative sticker. You can also use two of the four flaps instead to wrap over the top for a different look.

Creative Wedding Invitation enclosure Bloom Enclosure

The bloom enclosure is another popular style available in a 5×7, 5×5 or 6×6. The four rounded flaps fold in on each other to create a seal that resembles a floral bloom. The bloom enclosure works best when sealed with a decorative sticker.

creative wedding invitation enclosure Half Moon Enclosure

The half moon enclosure is one big 5×7 pocket that can house all of your invitation cards. The enclosure itself can be dressed up with decorative monogram stickers, paper and ribbon sashes.

creative wedding invitation enclosure Square Pocket Enclosure

Much like the vertical and horizontal pocket enclosures, the square pocket enclosure includes a pocket to house your invitation cards. The unique shape definitely stands out in the mail, but be aware the square shape incurs and additional postage fee from USPS.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Fall Save the Dates

A warm fall September wedding seems so far away right now in the frigid temperatures of Wisconsin, but I recently completed these Save the Dates for Susan and Aric’s upcoming wedding and wanted to share them.

Birch Tree Save the Dates

Susan and Aric have picked a fall theme for their wedding since their location is a beautiful north woods resort. The resulting design appears not only on these classy save the dates but will also carry over to the invitations. Based on the wedding colors of charcoal gray and yellow, we chose a beautiful metallic charcoal gray paper for the backing and envelope and incorporated the yellow accent color in the design. Susan’s only request was that we somehow incorporate birch trees into the design, and voila! – this elegant design was born.

birch tree save the date

We also included a small card with each save the date that includes accommodation information for the wedding guests. It’s a nice way to include the necessary information without cluttering the design.

fall themed save the date

More to come from BB10 Creative soon – another save the date design is in the works as well as our second wedding of the year, coming up in May! Also, if you want to check out Susan and Aric’s amazing engagement photoshoot done by my associate Lisa Mathewson – click here!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: Movie Themed Wedding Invitations

Welcome back to the BB10 blog in 2011! Hope you all had a great New Year! I’ve been hard at work creating and designing invitations for the 2011 wedding year. It’s going to be another busy and fun year with lots of different invitations on the horizon.

My first clients for 2011 are good friends of mine and I’m so excited for their big day. I have known Cate since freshman year of high school, so we go waaaay back.  Cate is a pretty laid-back person, pretty much the extreme opposite of a “bridezilla,” so she was very open to invitation ideas and passed that wedding duty along to her fiance, Chad. It may be an understatement to say that Chad is a big movie fan, so the theme of the wedding and invitations was immediately clear for him. Movies.

I wanted the wedding invitations to fit the theme, yet still be simple and classy and of course, fun! The challenge for me in designing these was working in the wedding colors of cornflower blue and yellow, while still keeping with the movie theme.  I sent Cate and Chad two design options – one was more of  movie poster idea and the other was the string of movie tickets idea. I secretly hoped they would pick the tickets and they did!

Movie Themed Wedding Invitations

Movie themed wedding invitations

I love the idea of the string of tickets, each dedicated to it’s own block of information. To make the ticket idea even more realistic, I punched holes in the sides of the tickets.  The tickets ended up having a more vintage feel because movie tickets in this day and age are very boring and electronic looking. I chose a classic movie font and a film strip edge to help tie the look together. We tried to tie in some fun wording as well – for example the RSVP card options are “Yes, Will be in attendance for the premiere” or “No, Will catch it when it comes out on video.”

movie themed wedding invites

The tickets were printed by a local professional printer in Milwaukee on a plain white coated cardstock, then folded to fit accordingly in a shimmer gold A6 envelope. I used a light blue gradient design on the cards to tie in the main color without making them too “clowny”. Chad wanted the invitation envelopes to have an Academy Award feel to them, and I think the shimmer gold envelopes fit the bill perfectly. They are light enough to appear yellow, and have a large flap on the back similar to the award envelopes. And the award goes to….

movie themed invitations

movie theme invites

Overall I’m really excited with how these invitations turned out. It’s always fun having a theme to work in and be able to make the wedding invitations really unique for the couple. Check back soon for a new Save the Date design as well as other fun posts from BB10 Creative.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2010 was our busiest year yet and we are very excited about all of the quality work we produced over the year. We watched our web traffic skyrocket with the addition of our blog and hope that you have enjoyed hearing the stories behind our work as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing them.

We are already working hard on a few weddings for 2011 – there are some very unique themes coming up. If you know someone in need of invitation or design services please pass our name along – our best advertising comes from our satisfied clients!

Thanks to all of our blog followers and Facebook fans and have a great holiday!

Custom Birthday Party Invitations: Kick up Your Heels at 90 Years Old!

90th Birthday Party Invitation

As I’ve mentioned before, from time to time we stray from our regular business of wedding invitations and stationery and take on other fun graphic design jobs like custom birthday party invitations, shower invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, etc.

Recently I was asked to create a fun and unique invitation for a 90th birthday party. 90 years is definitely something to be celebrated! And this special lady is doing it in style with a big party that includes a polka band. I hope if I make it to 90, I can also send out 100 invitations to my closest friends for a big dance party!

Since the party is in January, we decided on a “winter” color scheme of silver and teal. I incorporated the colors using a silver metallic sheet as an enclosure and teal ink for the designs that complimented the teal envelope.

One request from the client was to use a cute picture of her grandma “kicking up her heels.”  And thus the theme of the invitation was born! I created a gate fold invitation and used a silhouette of grandma for the outside, on a sticker that holds the two flaps (gates) together. Once opened, the picture is revealed with a fun art deco type of invitation design. Overall it is a cute and fun invitation design for a very fun 90 year old.

Custom Birthday Party Invitation

90th Birthday Party Invitation

Creative Birthday Party Invitation

Check back soon for holiday card designs as well as save the dates coming up for some 2011 weddings!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: The Final Packages

Here are the final package designs from my fall weddings this year. If you or someone you know is getting married, check out our wedding invitation packages at BB10 Creative!

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations and Programs

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Wedding Invitations and Programs

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