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Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Brown and Ivory Fall Theme

Fall wedding number six of the year for BB10 Creative was a late addition to the fall wedding line up, and also is a special addition for me because it is my dad’s wedding! John and Luanne decided to plan a small fall wedding in October and were looking for creative invitations with a chocolate brown and ivory theme.

We had a short planning meeting to view paper swatches and discuss design ideas and I told the happy couple to leave the rest up to me! After viewing a few design options, John and Luanne settled on a very simple, formal and elegant fall design of two brown tree branches with ivory blooms. We used a formal serif font paired with a formal script and printed the invitations in brown on one of my favorite textured papers. The columns texture in an ivory shade adds a touch of elegance to any invitation. The invitation is housed in a rich chocolate brown metallic pocket enclosure.

Brown and Ivory Wedding Invitations

Brown and Ivory Wedding invitations

To add to the elegance, we sealed the enclosures with a matching ivory satin ribbon and a chocolate brown monogram. Since this was a smaller set of invitations, I was able to use a corner punch on the cards to achieve the rounded corner effect. The invitations were mailed in a matching ivory columns textured envelope.

Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall wedding invitaitions

Overall, it was a very short turnaround process to get the invitations designed and mailed but I love the final result. The brown metallic enclosure paired with the ivory textured paper is a gorgeous combination. Program and place card designs are still in the works, so check back soon for a shot of all the final products. And make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest on BB10 Creative projects!

No ideas? No problem!

Our second wedding of 2010 is taking place April 24th. The clients, Amy and Nick, are very special to BB10 Creative, because Amy was one of my college roommates! I am very excited to be a part of their special day and can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle.

Now, on to the work! Amy came to me for invitations pretty much with a blank slate. She knew her colors were going to be brown with a tiffany blue accent, and that she wanted something more modern and chic. One of the questions I ask all of my clients is “Is there anything you definitely don’t want to see on your invitations?” Amy knew for sure that she was not a fan of floral elements on the invitations. Beyond that, it was up to the creative brain power at BB10 to come up with some unique designs!

The final design chosen is a series of interlocking brown circles, very light in the background of the invitation, with a brown and light tiffany blue border. I also used the circles as a design element with the wedding date in the corner of the invitation. In keeping with the chic and modern look, we decided on a sans-serif font for the text, and a brush script font for highlighting the couples’ names.

What I love best about this invitation besides the actual design, is the packaging. The invitation is printed on a clean white linen cardstock, and held together with very unique and fun italian paper clips. Perfect for the circle theme! The invitation was then placed inside a rich chocolate brown “half moon” enclosure, to which I added a gorgeous tiffany blue satin ribbon. To top it off, we used a square monogram on the front. I also found perfectly matching tiffany blue metallic envelopes for mailing. The whole package is absolutely stunning and perfectly matches the modern and chic look Amy was going for.

Amy loved the circle design so much, she decided to carry that theme throughout the wedding. She took my design to the cake designer to have the cake match, and is even using M&Ms for the guest gifts.

Program, place card and thank you card designs are still in the works for this wedding, so be sure to check out our samples on BB10 Creative to see how the design all comes together!

If you know of someone who is getting married and might not have any ideas in mind yet for their wedding, keep BB10 Creative in mind for invitation design. Amy and Nick’s invitations are a perfect example of the great work we can do when starting from a blank slate! And the best part is, our designs are completely unique and custom to YOUR wedding.

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