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The Perfect Pair – Creative Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Perfect Pair Wedding Invitation Theme

Next up on the blog we have another fun yet elegant invitation. Danielle and Dustin had chosen “The Perfect Pair” as the theme for their wedding and were looking to incorporate the colors of pear green, chocolate brown and a champagne/cream color. I absolutely love these colors together, very clean, neutral and classic!

Pear Green, Champagne Wedding Invitations

Since champagne was the main wedding color, we first decided on using a very pretty champagne colored metallic vertical pocket enclosure. Once that was chosen, I used a bright white linen paper to pop against the soft champagne color for the invitation cards, where we used the accent colors of brown and pear green.

Pear Green, Brown Wedding Invitations

Danielle and Dustin chose a modern yet elegant flourish design, paired with stripes to frame the text, and a more modern script and formal sans serif font. The flourish cascades over the additional cards in the invitation pocket, and the invitation was sealed using a pear green metallic belly band and a square closure that displays the wedding date. The invitation was sent in a metallic brown mailing envelope.

Pear Green Wedding Invitations

Pear Green Brown Champagne Wedding Invitations


More invitations coming up soon including a Pittsburgh theme, birch tree/fall theme and a classy gray and orange invitation featuring a new panel pocket enclosure!

Edwardian Style – Creative Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Edwardian Style wedding invitations

Erin and Andy came to BB10 Creative looking for invitations with a very specific look and feel. I had previously blogged about their Save the Date here. Erin really wanted to incorporate a French, late 20’s era Edwardian style theme in her wedding and the invitations needed to fit along with that. Their colors were eggplant with accents of deep red and orange, although in the end, we ended up only using the eggplant on the invitation, which I think lent itself well to the vintage look.

The design all started with a single, detailed damask style ornament which we used to create both a monogram for the invitation as well as the background pattern. The double lines used within the design, along with an elegant Edwardian script and formal sans-serif font complete the look.

Damask style monogram

This invitation uses a beautiful eggplant metallic horizontal pocket enclosure with a left-hand pocket, which is a bit different from the enclosures we normally use. We printed the invitation on a bright white linen cardstock and housed the invitation in a matching eggplant metallic envelope.

eggplant edwardian style wedding invitations

eggplant edwardian wedding invitations

If you or someone you know are looking for a custom wedding invitation, no matter what the theme or style, have them contact us today to get started! BB10 Creative starts all of our invitations from scratch, and they are completely customized to fit each of our clients’ needs.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Red July Wedding Invitations

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Wow, I’ve really fallen behind on updating the blog recently, but I have a new batch of invitations to post about! First up is definitely out of order, but one that slipped past me and I never had the opportunity to post about.

Lauren and Brian came to BB10 Creative looking for wedding invitations that were unique to their special day. They didn’t have any very specific ideas in mind outside of knowing they wanted something a bit formal and traditional but not excessively floral, as well as having packaging that was clean cut and organized.

Red and White Wedding Invitations

BB10 Creative came up with the following design that incorporated the look and feel Lauren and Brian were going for, as well as their wedding colors of a vibrant red and white. The design of the circles and thin lines is a bit modern but still feels very elegant and formal with the addition of the monogram and the script font used to accent the couples’ names.

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Red and White Wedding Invitations

Red and White Wedding Invitations

The invitation was printed on clean white linen cardstock and then  mounted on a very elegant metallic red horizontal pocket enclosure. We kept the enclosure closed using a bright white satin ribbon with a monogram seal, and then placed the whole thing in a matching red metallic mailing envelope.

Along with the invitation, we also printed a simple yet elegant wedding program to coordinate, as well as thank you cards to match. The whole package turned out beautifully. I love pairing satin ribbon with metallic cardstock and juxtaposing it with the clean matte finish of the linen paper. Not to mention metallic cardstock and envelopes really stand out in the mail!

New work to come soon including an elegant, French inspired eggplant invitation set, a “perfect pair” theme and more!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Vintage Black and Red Wedding Invitations

Vintage Black and Red Wedding Invitations

Up next in the 2011 wedding season is a very cool vintage black and red wedding invitation. Rachel and Jacob’s wedding date is right around the corner in early October, however we started our process way back in September of 2010. Rachel came to BB10 Creative looking for fun, traditional and simple invitations with a vintage flair that would incorporate her wedding colors of black and red.

The resulting invitation uses a formal black and red embellishment designed with the look of an engraved mark on the paper. The couples’ monogram is highlighted in an art deco style font and is paired with a very 20’s style script font throughout.

Vintage Wedding Invitations

The invitation is housed in a black matte vertical pocket enclosure, with the embellishment spilling over the cards in the pocket. The invitation was sealed with a coordinating red sticker with the monogram and was mailed in a very classy red metallic envelope. These really stand out in the mail! The invitation itself was printed on a clean white linen cardstock, adding to the vintage feel.

Vintage Black and Red Wedding Invitations

Vintage Black and Red Wedding Invitations

I love the final product on these invitations, and all of the coordinating materials for the wedding follow through on the vintage theme. Full designs will be posted soon on BB10 Creative!

Also stay tuned for some site changes coming up on BB10 Creative – we’ll be highlighting our invitations in way that will be much easier to browse through! Check back on the blog soon for another 2011 wedding post, we have three left to feature for the year.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – A Festa(ive) Wedding

pink and green wedding invitations

The title of this blog will make sense shortly, I promise. The next wedding invitations I’d like to showcase on the blog were a very last minute to the 2011 line up, but since it involves one of my oldest friends, I was more than happy to take on the challenge. My friend Mike and his fiancee Michelle announced their engagement in early June, and followed that up with “the date is set for July 24.”

Yikes! As an invitation designer, I am used to sending out invites 8 weeks before the wedding date, with a comfortable amount of design room built in before that. With the wedding less than 8 weeks out, we really needed to hustle on these! Luckily, Mike and Michelle were great clients who could make very fast decisions. With the wedding color pallette of light green and soft pink, we made the decision to move forward using a soft green metallic horizontal pocket enclosure with a silver mailing envelope.

The couple was looking for an invitation design that was unique and fun, not too flowery, and said “casual summer wedding” while still appearing a tad formal. The ceremony was taking place in a botanical garden, while the reception was a much more casual event, so the invitation needed to speak to both parts.

pink and green wedding invitations

The final design incorporates a fun pink and green scroll design and an art deco-ish sans serif font paired with a fun script. The invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock and the enclosure was sealed with a sticker to match the design.

pink and green wedding invitations

pink and green invitations

You may notice there is no formal “reception” card in this design, and that is because Mike and Michelle took a different approach to their celebration. They had a small private ceremony with family and decided to invite everyone to a private pavilion at Festa Italiana to celebrate their wedding. (When the groom’s middle name is Luigi, what do you expect?) As a result, we sent out separate reception-only invitations which coordinated with the design.

Although this was definitely the fastest set of invitations I have ever turned around, I’m still really pleased with the result and think it fit very well with the wedding that Mike and Michelle had planned.  Congrats to the happy couple, it was a great day!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations

Baseball Wedding Invitations

Wow, I’ve really fallen behind on updating the blog recently, but I have a new batch of invitations to post about! September has become a very popular month for weddings and with some late minute additions, BB10 Creative has been working on sending out over 500 invitations in the month of June for four September weddings (and one late addition July wedding!).

This is a bit out of order, but wedding number two in our September line up takes place September 3rd for a great couple, Lisa and Raul. Lisa and Raul came to BB10 Creative looking for some unique wedding invitations to fit the theme of their wedding – baseball! Lisa and Raul were the second clients of BB10 to get married at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Being a big Brewer fan myself, I was very excited to make another set of baseball theme wedding invitations.

Lisa and Raul decided on a marine color scheme for their wedding and ultimately picked the following design for their invitations. Baseball theme invitations can be tricky because you generally want them to be formal enough to say “wedding” but still fun enough to say “there’s a baseball theme here.”  Incorporating the baseball in the center of the flowers was one way solve the issue and comes across as formal while still being fun.

Creative Baseball Wedding Invitations

Baseball Wedding Invitations

Creative Baseball Wedding Invitations

We used the marine color palette for the design, with a more modern sans-serif font paired with a brush script. The invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock, and then bound together with silver brads at the top. The invitation was housed in a 5×7 marine petal enclosure that was sealed shut with a custom sticker that matched the invitation design. The whole package was then mailed out in a very elegant silver metallic envelope.

Creative Baseball Wedding Invitations

Lisa and Raul also liked the idea of using the shape of home plate as their RSVP card, which is something we had previously designed for Mike and Tara’s invitations. The RSVP card is then perforated so guests can detach and mail back.

Overall, this turned out to be another fun and completely different baseball themed invitation that is still very elegant and formal. Petal enclosures add a really elegant touch to invitations, along with the metallic mailing envelopes.

Coming up next is September wedding three of four – a very late addition to our line up, but a very fun invitation!

Creative Wedding Invitations – Enclosure Styles

As you may have noticed in our wedding invitation work, the bulk of our clients choose to use enclosures for their wedding invitations, rather than use single or loose cards in an envelope. This trend in wedding invitations is very popular, and in my option, very practical because it not only helps to keep your invitation information together in a nice package for your guests, it also creates a very nice and unique presentation for the invitation.

As a result of this, I thought it may be helpful to make a quick run down of the enclosure styles available through BB10 Creative. We do not manufacture our paper supplies, but we purchase them through other vendors and provide them at-cost to you. There is no mark up on our material cost. Enclosures are available in a wide variety of colors, but if we are unable to find one to match your particular wedding color, there are other options available for invitation designs that still create a great presentation and keep your information in a nice format for your guests. Contact us for more information or with any questions about our invitation styles.

Wedding Invitation Enclosure Vertical Pocket Enclosure

This 5×7 size of enclosure is very popular, and includes a pocket to house direction, accommodation and rsvp cards. They can be sealed with a ribbon or paper sash, or with a decorative sticker.

Creative Wedding Invitation Enclosure Horizontal Pocket Enclosure

Similar to the vertical style, this is also a 5×7 size enclsoure and includes a pocket to house direction, accommodation and rsvp cards. They can be sealed with a ribbon or paper sash, or with a decorative sticker.

Creative wedding invitation enclosure Pochette Enclosure

The pochette enclosure is very versatile. It is also a 5×7 size, and has four pointed flaps that can close around your invitation cards and can be sealed with a decorative sticker. You can also use two of the four flaps instead to wrap over the top for a different look.

Creative Wedding Invitation enclosure Bloom Enclosure

The bloom enclosure is another popular style available in a 5×7, 5×5 or 6×6. The four rounded flaps fold in on each other to create a seal that resembles a floral bloom. The bloom enclosure works best when sealed with a decorative sticker.

creative wedding invitation enclosure Half Moon Enclosure

The half moon enclosure is one big 5×7 pocket that can house all of your invitation cards. The enclosure itself can be dressed up with decorative monogram stickers, paper and ribbon sashes.

creative wedding invitation enclosure Square Pocket Enclosure

Much like the vertical and horizontal pocket enclosures, the square pocket enclosure includes a pocket to house your invitation cards. The unique shape definitely stands out in the mail, but be aware the square shape incurs and additional postage fee from USPS.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: The Final Packages

Here are the final package designs from my fall weddings this year. If you or someone you know is getting married, check out our wedding invitation packages at BB10 Creative!

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations and Programs

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Wedding Invitations and Programs

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Sangria and Charcoal Fall Wedding

The last wedding of 2010 is another special one for me – two of my good friends Jessie and Tom are tying the knot on October 23rd and asked me to create their invitations and programs. Jessie and Tom are both architects and already have a great eye for art and design. And to make things even easier on me, Jessie runs her own color consulting business – Verve! Color. Design. Life. – so she had a really fun color scheme already planned out for the wedding. The colors they decided on were a sangria reddish/purple accented with charcoal gray and bright green.

Finding an enclosure to match just the right shade of sangria turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but we came pretty close with a “black raspberry” metallic. I made sure to print the true sangria color on the invitation cards so it helped to tie the pieces together. Jessie and Tom decided on using a horizontal pocket enclosure and a clean white linen cardstock. We used a bit of bright green in the design and added the charcoal accent with a very pretty metallic envelope.

Creative Wedding Invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations

The enclosures were sealed with a sticker on which we printed the name of the invitees – a great personal touch! Since we were unable to print on the dark envelopes, we sealed them on the back with a circle sticker that contained the return address and on the front created a fun mailing label using the floral element from the invitation. The floral element itself will help to tie the invitations even more into the theme of the wedding. Jessie and Tom are using high table floral centerpieces accented with sticks. At BB10 Creative we are all about helping to tie everything together for your wedding!

Creative Wedding Invitations

Sangria Wedding Invitations

Overall these invitations are really fun, yet formal and I feel they are the perfect design for a fun couple like Jessie and Tom. I can’t wait to be a part of their big day coming up soon! Program designs are coming up soon so check back for pictures of the final product!

Baseball Theme Wedding Invitations: Play Ball!

Creative Wedding Invitations

Our third wedding of 2010 is taking place on May 1st 2010, between another great couple, Tara and Mike. I have to admit, I was pretty excited when Tara and Mike came to BB10 Creative for their invitations because I am a big Brewers fan, and they are getting married at Miller Park!

That being said, the theme of this wedding is pretty obvious – baseball! Tara and Mike wanted a fun and unique baseball theme invitation, but still wanted to keep it somewhat formal for a wedding. They knew their colors were going to be red with a tan/brownish accent, and that we needed to include an actual baseball ticket from Miller Park so that their guests are able to enter the ballpark for the wedding.

The result was this semi-formal and fun invitation. We used circle-cut white cardstock with baseball stitching for the design of the 3 main cards, and the RSVP card is actually in the shape of home plate, with a perforation so guests can detach and mail the postcard! The invitation is held together with copper colored brads, and was then placed inside a bright red petal enclosure which was sealed with the monogram sticker. Side note: Ok, I kind of copied the Brewers “M” and modified it to make it an “N” to create a fun monogram for the wedding…

Tara and Mike also decided to send save-the-dates and in keeping with the baseball theme, we created actual baseball cards with a photo of the couple on the front and the wedding “stats”  on the back.

Baseball Theme Wedding Invitation

I love the way the materials came together for this wedding, and it goes to show that you can still have a really fun, unconventional theme for your wedding while still keeping traditional elegance and class for the event.  As always, check back on wedding invitations page of BB10 Creative to see all the final materials for the wedding including matching programs, a place card sign, and thank you cards!

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