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Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Elegant Eggplant Invitations

Eggplant Colored Wedding Invitations

Catching up on some old blog posts here! Last fall, Marc and Andrea came to BB10 Creative looking for some simple yet elegant invitations for their October wedding. They didn’t have anything too specific in mind other than wanting to incorporate their wedding colors of eggplant and light yellow, and to keep the design a mix of traditional and modern.

For Marc and Andrea’s invitations, we ended up using an elegant scroll design in eggplant and yellow and housed the invitation cards in a pretty metallic eggplant horizontal pocket enclosure. I will fully admit the eggplant enclosures do not photograph very well, but I can assure you that they really are beautiful in person! The invitation uses a semi-formal sans serif font paired with a retro script to highlight the couples’ names. The scroll design cascades down over the enclosure cards in the pocket, and the invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock. The invitation was mailed in a matching eggplant color envelope.

More posts to come soon from all the invitations completed in 2013, including some unique beach theme invitations, and even a fun 40th birthday party invitation!

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Creative Eggplant Color Wedding Invitations

Eggplant and Yellow Wedding Invitations

eggplant and yellow wedding invites

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – A Festa(ive) Wedding

pink and green wedding invitations

The title of this blog will make sense shortly, I promise. The next wedding invitations I’d like to showcase on the blog were a very last minute to the 2011 line up, but since it involves one of my oldest friends, I was more than happy to take on the challenge. My friend Mike and his fiancee Michelle announced their engagement in early June, and followed that up with “the date is set for July 24.”

Yikes! As an invitation designer, I am used to sending out invites 8 weeks before the wedding date, with a comfortable amount of design room built in before that. With the wedding less than 8 weeks out, we really needed to hustle on these! Luckily, Mike and Michelle were great clients who could make very fast decisions. With the wedding color pallette of light green and soft pink, we made the decision to move forward using a soft green metallic horizontal pocket enclosure with a silver mailing envelope.

The couple was looking for an invitation design that was unique and fun, not too flowery, and said “casual summer wedding” while still appearing a tad formal. The ceremony was taking place in a botanical garden, while the reception was a much more casual event, so the invitation needed to speak to both parts.

pink and green wedding invitations

The final design incorporates a fun pink and green scroll design and an art deco-ish sans serif font paired with a fun script. The invitation was printed on a clean white linen cardstock and the enclosure was sealed with a sticker to match the design.

pink and green wedding invitations

pink and green invitations

You may notice there is no formal “reception” card in this design, and that is because Mike and Michelle took a different approach to their celebration. They had a small private ceremony with family and decided to invite everyone to a private pavilion at Festa Italiana to celebrate their wedding. (When the groom’s middle name is Luigi, what do you expect?) As a result, we sent out separate reception-only invitations which coordinated with the design.

Although this was definitely the fastest set of invitations I have ever turned around, I’m still really pleased with the result and think it fit very well with the wedding that Mike and Michelle had planned.  Congrats to the happy couple, it was a great day!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Green Tree Branch Invitations

Tree Branch Wedding Invitations

Our next September wedding takes place on September 4th for Heather and John. This happy couple is moving quickly on their wedding, as they got engaged in April and are planning their wedding over Labor Day weekend! As a result, we had to move very quickly on the invitation process in order to get these mailed out in time, but Heather and John were great decision makers and kept the ball rolling on this!

In our initial consultation, Heather and John came to BB10 Creative looking for fun, simple and colorful invitations. Heather knew for sure she didn’t want hearts or swirly designs on the invitation but definitely wanted to incorporate her colors of bright green, orange and pink.

Colorful Wedding Invitations

Tree Branch Wedding Invitations

Colorful Tree Branch Wedding Invitations

The final design chosen consists of a very simple yet colorful tree branch mounted on a bright green horizontal pocket enclosure. Since the wedding is in early September, we wanted to avoid a fall design so instead used the vibrant colors in the leaves to make it feel more summer-y.

The branch design spills over the coordinating cards in the pocket to create one large design when they sit assembled in the enclosure pocket. We used a bright white linen cardstock to print the cards out, and mailed the invitation in a matching green envelope. The enclosure was sealed with custom monogram sticker.

Colorful Tree Branch Wedding Invitations

Heather and John also requested matching Thank You cards which you can see above.  Even though the timeline on this job was tight, I’m happy with the final result and think we created a really fun and still formal wedding invitation. Best wishes to Heather and John!

Up next, we’re moving backwards a little, but we’ll post about a set of July invitations that I recently completed with a very tight timeline! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all the latest invitation pictures and BB10 Creative news!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Sangria and Charcoal Fall Wedding

The last wedding of 2010 is another special one for me – two of my good friends Jessie and Tom are tying the knot on October 23rd and asked me to create their invitations and programs. Jessie and Tom are both architects and already have a great eye for art and design. And to make things even easier on me, Jessie runs her own color consulting business – Verve! Color. Design. Life. – so she had a really fun color scheme already planned out for the wedding. The colors they decided on were a sangria reddish/purple accented with charcoal gray and bright green.

Finding an enclosure to match just the right shade of sangria turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but we came pretty close with a “black raspberry” metallic. I made sure to print the true sangria color on the invitation cards so it helped to tie the pieces together. Jessie and Tom decided on using a horizontal pocket enclosure and a clean white linen cardstock. We used a bit of bright green in the design and added the charcoal accent with a very pretty metallic envelope.

Creative Wedding Invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations

The enclosures were sealed with a sticker on which we printed the name of the invitees – a great personal touch! Since we were unable to print on the dark envelopes, we sealed them on the back with a circle sticker that contained the return address and on the front created a fun mailing label using the floral element from the invitation. The floral element itself will help to tie the invitations even more into the theme of the wedding. Jessie and Tom are using high table floral centerpieces accented with sticks. At BB10 Creative we are all about helping to tie everything together for your wedding!

Creative Wedding Invitations

Sangria Wedding Invitations

Overall these invitations are really fun, yet formal and I feel they are the perfect design for a fun couple like Jessie and Tom. I can’t wait to be a part of their big day coming up soon! Program designs are coming up soon so check back for pictures of the final product!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Brown and Ivory Fall Theme

Fall wedding number six of the year for BB10 Creative was a late addition to the fall wedding line up, and also is a special addition for me because it is my dad’s wedding! John and Luanne decided to plan a small fall wedding in October and were looking for creative invitations with a chocolate brown and ivory theme.

We had a short planning meeting to view paper swatches and discuss design ideas and I told the happy couple to leave the rest up to me! After viewing a few design options, John and Luanne settled on a very simple, formal and elegant fall design of two brown tree branches with ivory blooms. We used a formal serif font paired with a formal script and printed the invitations in brown on one of my favorite textured papers. The columns texture in an ivory shade adds a touch of elegance to any invitation. The invitation is housed in a rich chocolate brown metallic pocket enclosure.

Brown and Ivory Wedding Invitations

Brown and Ivory Wedding invitations

To add to the elegance, we sealed the enclosures with a matching ivory satin ribbon and a chocolate brown monogram. Since this was a smaller set of invitations, I was able to use a corner punch on the cards to achieve the rounded corner effect. The invitations were mailed in a matching ivory columns textured envelope.

Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall wedding invitaitions

Overall, it was a very short turnaround process to get the invitations designed and mailed but I love the final result. The brown metallic enclosure paired with the ivory textured paper is a gorgeous combination. Program and place card designs are still in the works, so check back soon for a shot of all the final products. And make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest on BB10 Creative projects!

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations – Classic Wedding Invitation Design

The fourth wedding of the fall season takes place in October between another great couple, Kari and Ed. Kari and Ed came to BB10 Creative looking for a unique invitation for their wedding, using royal blue as the main color. This turned out to be more of a challenge that I thought, because there is not a lot of availability for royal blue enclosures. However we were able to work around it and instead ended up using a soft off-white enclosure with heavy bands of royal blue in the design.

Royal Blue Wedding Invitations

The design that Kari and Ed chose is a very simple and classic design, with an elegant border design and monogram. We used a more traditional serif font paired with a flowing script to highlight the couples’ names. This enclosure is sealed using a royal blue paper “sash” around the middle with a monogram seal. Both the paper and the envelopes used are made from a classic off-white linen paper, which adds a nice texture to the final package.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations

This invitation set is a good example of how we are still able to incorporate unique colors into an invitation design when there may not be enclosures or paper to match. I love the simplicity and elegance of this invitation, the royal blue and off white together look very formal and classic! Program designs are still in the works for this wedding, so check back on BB10 Creative to see how the final package all comes together.

Milwaukee Wedding Invitations: Black and Ivory September Wedding

The second wedding of the fall season takes place between a great couple, Rachel and Mike. Rachel came to BB10 Creative looking for a unique invitation using their wedding colors of black and ivory. She was looking for something simple, classic and elegant and preferred an enclosure where the invitation would sit on the left and the cards on the right.

With all of those things in mind, I met with the cute couple for our initial consultation and we went over paper swatches, enclosure types and design ideas. Armed with all the information I needed, I came up with several design options and we were able to narrow it down to the final design: A very elegant black and ivory scroll design with a black pocket enclosure. We used a more traditional serif font paired with an elegant script.

The pocket enclosure is held shut with a lovely ivory satin ribbon and monogram patch on the front. The ivory ribbon really complimented the ivory metallic envelopes we used for mailing and looked great together. We printed this invitation on a clean white linen cardstock, which helped the ivory color to pop in the design.

Overall I am really happy with how these turned out and I know the soon-to-be happy couple is too! I really like how light and elegant the design is, and the black and ivory combination is so classy. Rachel and Mike liked the designs so much that they have decided to incorporate as much as possible into the wedding – so I was able to help create the programs, place cards, table numbers, wedding shower invitations, thank you cards and even monogrammed stickers for the wedding favors.

More pictures to be posted on BB10 Creative soon, and our Facebook Page as well. Stay tuned for September Wedding Number Three: Ashley and Matt!

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